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The accounts object of values.yaml defines Tezos accounts used in the chart. By default no account is configured:

accounts: {}

accounts is a map where keys are account aliases and values are maps of fields key, is_bootstrap_baker_account, bootstrap_balance, signer_url and protocols.

The key field can be set to a public or private key. For a bootstrap baker, it must be set to a private key. The key type will be recognized automatically, and the pod will fail if the key type is unexpected.

  • Public chains: Accounts do not get is_bootstrap_baker_account and bootstrap_balance fields.
  • Non-public chains: If you don't specify accounts needed by nodes, they can be created deterministically via the above setting. If specifying, accounts can be given a bootstrap balance and can also be configured to be bootstrap baker accounts. Accounts with balances set to "0" will be imported by the node but they will not be bootstrap accounts. If you don't set a bootstrap balance, it will default to the bootstrap_mutez field above.

The protocols fields overrides the top-level protocols field described below and has the same syntax. This allows to set specific per-block votes per baker.


key: edsk...
is_bootstrap_baker_account: true
bootstrap_balance: "50000000000000"

key: edpk...
is_bootstrap_baker_account: false
bootstrap_balance: "4000000000000"
- command: PtLimaPt
liquidity_baking_toggle_vote: "on"

A public key account can contain a url to a remote signer that signs with the corresponding secret key. You shouldn't need to set this if you're deploying a tezos-k8s chart's signer into the same namespace. See the signers values field below in the file to define remote signers.

key: edpk...
is_bootstrap_baker_account: false
bootstrap_balance: "4000000000000"
signer_url: http://[POD-NAME].[SERVICE-NAME].[NAMESPACE]:6732

NOTE - signer_url must be URL to external remote signer without anything extra in the path, such as the public key hash.

When running bakers for a public net, you must provide your own secret keys. For non public networks you can change the should_generate_unsafe_deterministic_data setting to true, and deterministic keys will be generated for your nodes automatically. This is helpful to spin up local testnets.

should_generate_unsafe_deterministic_data: false